• Friends

  • Autofish
    Home to Tapeworm/Cly5m. Check out his games and his art. Dude is brilliant!

    Great retro game developer when not busy making his way professionally developing games. Check it from time to time for his great Exolon remake!

    Dave Wolf
    Friend who specializes in photography (as a hobby) and slings a couple of programs on the side.

    EO Community
    A little community setup by my friend Mr. Hyun with the intent of making fun original games created with the tool I use, Game Maker. Really nice chap.

  • Game Creation

  • Flixel AS3 Flash Frame Work
    The home of Adam Atomic’s amazing Flixel! I highly suggest going here if you have ever wanted to make your own Flash Games. The community has great examples and tutorials to get you started!

    Game Maker Site
    The home of Game Maker. This is an awesome tool for those who are curious about making games. It is simple to get into, and it is incredibly flexible. Starts you off with simple Drag and Drop actions, and when you feel comfortable you can use it’s built in scripting language. GREAT STUFF!

    Great site full of insiteful tid bits of game design. Great place to get perspective.

    Game Dev Dot Net
    This site has articles on virtually every aspect of game design. Too much information! RAAAAH! Good stuff.

  • Artsy Fartsy

  • GM Pixel
    This is fun place for people to show off their pixel work. The skill levels range from the newest of the new to the old pros. Most of the people here use Game Maker, so this is another friendly place to get to know folks.

    CG Talk
    This site rocks! Tons of great images in 3d as well as 2d. Way beyond my meager understanding and skill, but it is great inspiration when you feel artistically lost.

    Digital Blasphemy
    Great collection of 3d wallpapers to spruce up your desktop.

    Deviant Art
    A collection of artist’s and hopeful’s work from around the globe. The quality ranges from the fantastic to the depressingly hopeless.

  • Games that Lupi loves – a small list of inspirations.

  • Sacrifice, developed by Shiny
    This is not the Shiny home page. The Shiny home page is lovely and has awesome flash work and killer sounds, but it really does this game no justice in quantity of information. Instead, I lead you to the IGN’s profile on this gem of a game.

    Bionic Commando, brought to you by Capcom
    Every tidbit of information you could crave on the amazing Bionic Commando is here on this site. Most of the information is on the NES version. Let’s face it. The NES version was the only one that really counted any way.

    Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari, by Pixel
    Man, this game is what a platformer adventure game is supposed to be! This game has been very inspirational to me. The depth of the story, the vast array of weapons, and the over all tempo and fun of the game will keep you rocking. Enjoy, or die.

  • Great wastes of time and random hobby stuff-

  • Zoom Quilt – Evil Tree
    Check this out, and try not to get dizzy. Wicked special effect that I have yet to figure out.

    The Best Page in The Universe
    I hate to say that I agree with this chap more often than not. Beware his tendency to explode in vulgarity! I warned you.

    Wright Life
    This place sells disc golf stuff! Ultimate Frisbee! Awesome place for those who love to throw a disc. Get outside and toss a few. It’s fun!

    The Real Ultimate Power
    I did a lot of ninja research for The Legend of Shadow, and this was where I probably got the best information from a Western viewpoint. Great stuff.

    Weebl’s Stuff
    These little toons are nice, quick and entertaining for the most part. I have noticed some rare exessive violence. Viewers, you are warned!

    Exploding Dog
    Found this site while browsing the Tapeworm’s links. It’s a great collection of the artist’s work based on his impression of a phrase. Some of them are very humorous.

    Fly Guy
    This is another link stolen from the Tapeman. Awesome little mini game. It is amazing what people give away of themselves for free. Too cool.