New game looking for sponsorship!

Basically you give a giant slime monster indigestion by feeding it a goblin!

Then it is a Kung Fu race for survival against all odds! Give it a look!

Blasting Agent Released

Hello all,

Tim and I have finally released Blasting Agent, and it is doing quite well across the ole WWW.

Right now we have it entered into a contest on New Grounds, so please drop in and give it an honest vote of 5. 🙂

Link to Game

Also, if you want to hear a little discussion Tim and I had about the process of making the game from concept to sponsorship, click this little link below:
Listen to me ramble on

Much love, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you crazies!

Sponsor Aquired

…launch video game.

Man, this has been a ride peeps. It seems that the world of Flash Sponsorship and ad revenue is a crazy many tentacled beast.

We are presently finalizing the last bit of images and bits o’ data for the Sponsor, and from there we launch.

I am thinking about doing a little write up on our adventures to warn and encourage all you budding Indy developers out there. Reading people’s first steps helped me out quite a bit. It may help you too!

Next post will contain a link the finished product! WORD!

Blasting Agent – Sponsor Search Begins

Hello again internet,

We are out on the prowl for a sponsor for Blasting Agent, and we are very excited!

Our Beta Testers have done an amazing job of pointing out all the little faults and confusing aspects our game! Thank you guys sooooo much!

Hopefully in the next week or so we will be able to release the game to the world!

PEACE for now!

Project Uno VIDEO!

Here is first little video showing off some of Project Uno’s action! Please enjoy!

Music is by the composer we hired, Bunnymajs, for this project. If you want to check out more of his work, here is a nice link to CLICK ON.

Project Uno

Great news! A new action adventure is underway. This time I am teaming up Tim Hely to work on a new super secret, secret agent game! More news soon…